Benefits of being outside

Getting outside is really good for us. Reports that being outdoors is good for: Making sure we get enough Vitamin D - important for growth and development Getting more exercise - we move more when we’re outside Being happy - more light outside means a lighter mood Better concentration - children with ADHD have better focus after spending time outside Improved healing - people who were exposed to natural sunlight reported lower levels of pain and healed faster. All that, plus being in the great outdoors is a whole load of fun! So it’s good that parents are constantly urging ...
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Microwave play dough recipe

Why not try and make your own play dough? Here is a simple microwave recipe. Just add different food colours and you'll have a variety of different doughs for hours of hands-on creative play   Ingredients food colouring 500ml (2 cups) water 60ml (1 tbsp) oil 1 cup table salt 1 tbsp cream of tartar 2 cups plain flour   Method Add the food colouring to the water before mixing. Mix all ingredients well in a large microwave-safe container that has a lid. The dough will cook in different microwaves to varying degrees, so you'll have to check it regu...
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