Benefits of being outside

Getting outside is really good for us. Reports that being outdoors is good for:

  • Making sure we get enough Vitamin D – important for growth and development
  • Getting more exercise – we move more when we’re outside
  • Being happy – more light outside means a lighter mood
  • Better concentration – children with ADHD have better focus after spending time outside
  • Improved healing – people who were exposed to natural sunlight reported lower levels of pain and healed faster.

scavengerhuntAll that, plus being in the great outdoors is a whole load of fun! So it’s good that parents are constantly urging the kids to “go outside and play,” right? Because outside is exactly where they should be.

Many people enjoy scavenger hunts .There are lots of reasons to love them:

  • They encourage kids to work together to solve a problem
  • They allow for independent play
  • They are suitable for any age
  • They are a ‘set and forget’ play solution for busy parents
  • They offer a sense of achievement for kids
  • They are super-simple to put together
  • Who doesn’t love a hunt?


You can buy cheap medals for the kids when they have achieved the hunt, which makes them feel they have accomplished a goal.

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