Career Advice – Part 2

Being organised for an interview is essential as first impressions are crucial. Having a CV that looks professional is the first step to making that first impression count and stand out from the rest. There are many templates that can be found online to create a CV that has a good solid structure, and even some jobsites such as indeed have a template for free. It’s important to cover the basics and arrangement of the document. Here’s a few tips for keeping your CV up to scratch

  • Preferably fit all content onto one page, a maximum of two – Potential employers will look through countless CVs and will be choosing the ones that are strong and straight to the point
  • Set a structure that flows smoothly- start with your basic and contact information, any qualifications you may possess, a quick description of yourself and what work you are seeking, past and previous work experience and finish off with a reference or two.
  • Take time to proof read your document to ensure it makes sense and all spelling is correct
  • Any additional curriculum you have completed will make you stand out from the rest- As simple as a first aid course or even having a full UK driving licence sets you aside from other candidates

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