Career Advice

Going for an interview can be daunting and thinking about your appearance might be the last thing on your mind. We have a few handy tips for how to look the part without breaking the bank.

  • Formal looking clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. High street stores such as Primark, George at Asda and Matalan sell a variety of work attire. Basic shirts and trousers start from as little as £4. It’s also worth having a look in charity shops as there are all sorts of bargains at a fraction of the high street prices.
  • Make sure you look well- kept. If you are wearing a tie, make sure it is straight and your buttons are done all the way to the top with your shirt tucked in. Hair tamed e.g. in a smart pony tail or straight and brushed. And generally looking well-polished; first impressions mean a lot!

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