DIY Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, but this wonderful holiday doesn’t have to cost a lot. We have a few useful ideas to make Halloween 2017 extra special and inexpensive.

Decorations: Simple things that are fun to make with the kids. These spooky ghost bunting are really easy to make by only using a long piece of string, old white sheets or cloth, tennis or polystyrene balls and a marker pen.


You can create these creepy looking bloody hands to put on windows or the front door to scare the neighbours. All you need is red food colouring and PVA glue.

Carving or painting pumpkins is a nice way to get in the Halloween spirit. It’s a great activity for the little ones and adults too. If you’re hosting a kid’s party it could be a competition with a prize for the best one. Small pumpkins can be bought from as little as £1. It’s best to buy them early, don’t worry they last up to 12 weeks before going bad.

Costumes don’t have to cost £40 to be worn once and then tossed aside. Take a look at a few of these costumes that are all homemade, inexpensive but really fun.

If you’re hosting a party this year and worrying about how to entertain your guests, we have some ideas for games and general amusement such as; pin the bow tie on Mr Bones (a Halloween version of the classic, pin the tail on the donkey), the old fashioned tradition of apple bobbing, Halloween bingo (sheets can be found online), pumpkin bowling and for the adults DIY spooky cocktails.

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