Happy New Year!

So another year has come and gone, and as we sit and reflect on how good or bad 2017 was to us, and all the memories we created; we can look on how we can improve our lives and start the New Year afresh. Resolutions are subjective and can be hard to stick to, but even the smallest of changes can have a big impact!

Physical resolutions: These are the lifestyle changes you can make in order to improve your overall health and well-being.

  • Doing more exercise- this is a difficult one to overcome but overspending on gym memberships doesn’t restrict you working out. There are so many gentle exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, whether it’s on a console such as the Wii Fit or tutorials you can follow videos on YouTube or download applications that monitor your heart rate and step count. Simple things such as walking short distances instead of driving or taking the bus can make a big difference too.
  • Quitting smoking- this can be one of the hardest challenges you face but a very rewarding one. The NHS have a free service (the number can be found online or on the side of a cigarette packet) that give you a lot of options that are suited to you personally, to help you quit. The programmes last a minimum of 12 weeks to give you the help and support you need. Not only does this save a pretty penny (you can track how much you save on the stop smoking app) but you’re saving your body from all the harmful chemicals cigarettes contain; there are over 4000!
  • Eating healthier- even if you make small changes such as cutting down foods that are high in sugar or salt. The key is to gradually reduce the habits and use them as an incentive or a treat every so often. You may have a downfall for a certain product such as fizzy pop or chocolate bars. Try to replace these with a healthier alternative such as juice or carrot sticks. Fruit and vegetables can be bought cheaply from stores such as Farmfoods and

Non-physical resolutions: Not all changes have to be related to your body or appearance, your mental well-being is just as important

  • Being more positive: having a positive outlook on life can be difficult sometimes. As silly as it sounds, by writing all the good positive things that happen throughout the year (minor events such as having coffee with friends) and placing them in a jar. Whenever you feel down and/ or at the end of the year- take a look back and reflect on the positive times.
  • Get more sleep: getting enough sleep is vital to give you more energy and fuels brain power. There are some useful ways of getting enough sleep, the obvious one being to set a time and a routine every night. Try avoid sleeping during the day and exercising just before you go to sleep makes you feel more tired.

Declutter: We are all guilty of hoarding certain objects that will never be used or papers that need shredding. Start by organising what you actually need and use into storage containers, these can be found inexpensively at stores such as Wilko (remember you can spend your love to shop vouchers here too!) Storage options start from as little as £2

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