We’re a lender you can trust who works alongside West Yorkshire Trading Standards to ensure we:

  • Operate in a caring and considerate manner
  • Meet our license conditions as regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Offer clear terms and explain the rights of customers, for further details or to apply follow this link

New customers have to be treated in a thoughtful and considerate manner to meet affordable loan repayments.

Current customers who have proven their ability to make loan repayments can apply for larger loans on varying terms.

There are clear explanations on how we operate on the FAQs page.

We trust our customers to introduce us to friends/relatives/contacts and reward successful introductions.

Whilst we strive to promote from within, building on our loyal and knowledgeable staff base, there may be vacancies for agents and employees.

We are registered and operate under the guidelines and legislation of:

  • FCA
  • CCTA
  • TSO
  • IIP

The home collected credit market has many products available from many lenders and further details can be found on the Lenders Compared Website.

Our small print:

Loans are made not only subject to our rules and financial regulations but also based on customers ability to repay them.

Full explanations of customer rights will be provided on applying for a loan.

If a customer feels they have not been treated fairly then we clearly set out their rights to complain to the company and others.