CLC’s Guide to Universal Credit

Universal Credit

A useful guide to help you with the process from understanding it to the actual application.

CLC Finance are here to help you so speak to your agent or call the office on 0113 2630295

The Government have put together a guide about Universal Credit which you can find at

This is a brief summary of what it actually means and how you can get help when/if it applies to you.

Introduction dates depend on where you live and you will be given a date when you will receive the Universal Credit payment.  It is paid monthly so please tell your agent when this date is so we can note it for our records.

Universal Credit will replace all of the following: child tax credit, housing benefit, income support, job seekers allowance, income related employment and support allowance and working tax credit.

To work out how much you can get go to

You have to apply for Universal Credit online and then contact your local Job Centre Plus to make an appointment to meet a Work Coach. If you do not attend an appointment you will not receive a payment.

The helpline is 0800 328 5644, and you can apply at


It usually takes 5 weeks to receive your first payment which may cause you problems but you can claim an advance. This is very important, please read–payment

Any advance you receive will be taken off your monthly Universal Credit over the following 12 months. Speak to your Work Coach or call 0800 328 9344.

Universal Credit will have an impact on everyone claiming benefits and the above is a very brief summary of it. If you have any doubt then ring the helpline.

To help you plan your finances look at the useful budget tools at