Seasons Greetings!

So the clocks have officially gone back and the wintery cold mornings are starting to creep up on us. But there are so many fun and festively fabulous things we can do over this wonderful period.

  • Decorating a Christmas tree- something as simple as decorating a tree or trimming up the house is something everyone can be involved with, it boasts working together as a team. It’s individual to everybody as trees and decorations come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. You can even make your own decorations!

Check out these DIY decoration pine cones & light bulbs

  • Making Christmassy treats- nothing beats snuggling up with loved ones with a nice warm beverage and what’s even better than some goodies to go with them. There are lots of recipes available online and lots of cheap ways to make your favourite treats.

Top 5 things to include in a Christmas Eve Bundle

Every year it’s proving to be more popular to make Christmas Eve baskets or stockings for the little ones or a loved one to enjoy. A few little treats before the big day, lovingly put together make a happy time even happier, without having to spend a lot.

  • New pyjamas – there is no better feeling than getting into bed with brand new pyjamas or night clothes. You can even go full on festive with some Christmas themed ones
  • Bath products- having a nice relaxing bath on Christmas eve will calm the little ones down, ready for the excitement to come and also relax the adults who have been rushing around
  • Chocolate- As if the season doesn’t bring enough cocoa to us all, Christmas themed chocolates or sweets are cheap but so tasty and cute!
  • Films- The latest DVD releases or classic Christmas films make for a perfect relaxed evening and really get you in the Christmas spirit
  • Books/ colouring books- Whether you are reading the little ones a Christmas tale or tucking into an oldie but goldie, reading or colouring is one of the most therapeutic ways to wind down


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